New Build dwelling in the Surrey Hills

Monday 30 May, 2022

New Build dwelling in the Surrey Hills

Client: Private client

Post 1: Planning Permission Granted

BBF Fielding Ltd secured planning permission for a new dwelling in the Surrey Hills in 2021.

The approval is for a single storey split level house of approx. 830m².  The design reflects the farm buildings of the surrounding area which in the main have simple lines, openings and varying roofscapes. They are built in clusters of linked buildings and surrounded by fields interspersed with woodland.

The proposal is for a contemporary modern building that mimics a cluster of linked farm buildings with varied roofscape in appearance.

The house has been designed with a central access point leading into a circulation area which connects the various elements of the building. All principal rooms benefit from the views across the valley. The external materials selected, i.e., stone, timber boarding and slate, have been drawn from a palette of materials that is regularly found within the Surrey Hills area and have been selected to blend harmoniously into the environment.