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Client: Woking Borough Council.

This is a major environmental improvement project, designed to provide a new ‘gateway’ from Woking Station into the busy Town Centre. The project comprises the erection of a steel and glass canopy that spans both the existing highway and a re-designed public concourse.

The canopy contains photovoltaic glazing that supplies renewable energy to Woking Borough Council's private wire network.  Over a thousand fibre-optic luminaires are integrated into the main structure of the canopy, providing lighting to both the carriageway and pedestrian areas. There is almost 15km of cabling supplying the photovoltaic and fibre-optic installations.

The improvements to both hard and soft landscaping include level access to the station, new planters and granite paving. The exposed aggregate planters are sited to influence pedestrian routes and to provide physical protection to the canopy superstructure. The unusual planting scheme is maintained by an automatic irrigation system.



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